Notable DVD Releases this week: April 7, 2009

Dog Soldiers (Steel Book packaging, 2002)
A routine military exercise turns into a nightmare in the Scotland wilderness.

House (2008)
In rural Alabama, two couples find themselves in a fight for survival.

Shuttle (2008)
A late night airport shuttle ride home descends into darkness.

Dark Secrets (2008)
When the daughter of a celebrity couple is kidnapped it appears to be the work of a serial killer who has struck twice before. The truth is much more terrifying.

Max Fleischer’s Superman (1941-1942)

Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders (1989)
Space-faring hero and galactically-renowned stud Flesh Gordon is kidnapped by a group of space cheerleaders hoping to use him to save their planet.

Swamp Devil
The dark secrets of a small town in America's deep south are revealed after a series of gruesome murders.

Tokyo Zombie (2005)
When an army of the undead rises from the massic trash peak, bonehead buddies must survive a non-stop onslaught of hasty decapitations, pervert teachers, tasty snack foods, stormy romance and zombie professional wrestling.

Xanadu (with Mama Mia! picture frame, 1980)
1980 campy musical remake of 1947’s Down to Earth, with Olivia Newton John helping to save a failing roller-derby disco.

Shaw Brothers Collection (4 disc set)
Contains The Heroic Ones, The Battle Wizard, The Duel of the Century and Two Champions of Shaolin movies.

U.S. Seals: Dead or Alive (2002)
A terrorist named Casper is looking for a cluster bomb and a team of US SEALS try to beat him to it.

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  1. A+ on the Dog Soldiers. One of the BEST werewolf movies ever made. I have yet to see flesh gordon 2 but if it's as good as the original I'll check it out.