Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

Where to begin...

You might as well skip Silent Night Deadly Night and watch this film since the above posted YouTube link is literally ALL the new material in what is essentially just a re-release of the original film ($$$). That being said the original was panned by critics and the PTA (yes that's right... the Parent Teachers Association) as well as removed from many major movie theaters. So clearly this film is pure gold.

Never in the existence of film has Santa Clause robbed a convenience store, killed a dad and then tried to rape the mother in front of the kids. All of this happens... and within the first five minutes!

How can this be topped you ask?

Oh, I will tell you!

With a stunning performance by two uncredited characters that really round off a briliant cast and film. Eric Freeman's expressive eyebrows take this film to the next level. With their constant movement and deadpan method acting. It's as if they were grown specifically for this film. It's a shame they never worked again.

Do yourself a favor and watch this. If not for me than for the eyebrows...

Buy It!

**Fun Fact - The directors tried to locate Eric Freeman for the DVD commentary but apparently he is untraceable and his whereabouts are still unkown to this date. (If anyone has any details on him or his famed eyebrows please contact us in the comments section or your local authorities)
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