Notable DVD Releases This Week: April 28, 2009

So many freakin’ releases this week! The list has been trimmed of a lot of crappy horror, but if nothing here tickles your fancy, which I doubt with The Terminators and Psychos in Love being released, then you’re a maniac.

The Terminators (2009)
Asylum pictures take on robots fighting humans in the future. Features former hunky 7th heaven star Jeremy London.

Psychos in Love (1987)
Finally!! A strip-joint owner and a manicurist find that they have many things in common, the foremost being that they are psychotic serial killers. DVD Comes with tons of extras.

Never Surrender (2009)
The world’s best mixed martial arts fighters make a movie.

JCVD (2008)
Van Damme gets mistaken for a bank burglar in this somewhat personal and funny film.

Martyrs (2008)
A relentlessly brutal tale of a girl who suffered unimaginable abuse as a young child, and the unspeakable horrors that unfold when she arrives at an isolated cabin in the woods fifteen years later.

The She-Beast (1965)
An English bride is possessed on her wedding night in this Italian-Yugoslavian horror.

FrankenHood (2008)
A pair of bumbling morgue workers with little prospect of winning the local streetball tourney finds their odds suddenly looking up after enlisting the aid of a towering corpse that was resurrected by the local mad scientist. With Charlie Murphy, Bitch!

Scarce (2008)
Classic tale of outsiders being stalked by locals, and then being eaten.

End of the Line (2006)
A small group gets trapped on a subway car with crazed religious zealots who must sacrifice non-belovers as they approach the apocalypse. Favorite press quote: "Does for subways, what Jaws did for oceans"

One Eyed Monster (2008)
In a comic homage to Alien and The Thing , the cast and crew of an adult film, stranded in a blizzard, must band together against a mysterious and deadly alien, which has possessed the actor with the biggest part Ron Jeremy (naturally). Now, with the monster on a killing spree, the race is on to trap and destroy it before there are more victims of its peculiar skills.

War Gods Collection, 4-disc set
Epic battles, beefcake and beautiful babes await in this definitive sword and sandal film collection! See stars Gordon Scott, Richard Harrison and Howard Duff fight for justice in 1960s-style Ancient Rome; and delight in the fantastical sci-fi special effects of these amazing films, helmed by the likes of James Bond director Terence Young and Francis Ford Coppola (back when he was one of Roger Corman's humble assistants!).

Revenge of the Crusader (1964)

Deadly Sweet (1967)
A French actor finds his business contact lying murdered on the floor. Rather than call the police, he decides to protect the young woman at the scene and nail down the true killers, which puts him on a collision course with the London underworld. A cult classic!

Grindhouse Double Feature: Beast of the Yellow Night/Keep My Grave Open
Satan saves Ashley from death on condition he become his disciple (and, as it turns out, a hairy murderous beast). / A crazy woman who lives in an old mansion thinks she's with her brother/lover, who lures victims to her.

Louisiana Hussy (1960)
Cajun newlyweds must deal with the jealousy of his brother, who also loved her, and the arrival of a mysterious seductress in their bayou backwater.

Mistress of Atlantis (1932)
In this mythical fantasy, the evil queen of Atlantis lives in a magnificent palace, the halls of which are filled with the mummified remains of former lovers.

Chandu on the Magic Island/Return of Chandu
Classic Bela Lugosi series from the 1930’s.

Juvenile Delinquents at Large Collection

Gothic Horror, 10-disc set

Tales from the Tomb, 10-disc set


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