Future Kill (1985)

I really wanted to like this film, even if for nothing else but the HR Giger poster they swindled him into making. But really, Future Kill future sucks.

Basically what we have is a warriors rip-off, but instead of gangs trying to get the protagonists, we have a huge Freddy Kreuger/MF Doom/Barry White maniac named Splatter, played by Ed Neal from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I know, I know, that sounds amazing, but it’s just too tough to watch, even for people with a high tolerance for filth. Marilyn Burns even makes an extended cameo, but it doesn't help the film any, unfortunately.

All that being said, the best part, as far I’m concerned is the appearance of Max and the Makeups, an early ‘80s new wave/punk band who got involved in a bunch of film projects through their University of Texas connections. They have a few songs in the movie, and it doesn’t seem like Future Kill brought them any further degree of success. Also, I really loved the "Punking Out" song as the frat guys got ready to go to a "punk party." I’m going to play it loud as I get dressed to go out from now on. I’m serious.

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