The Manitou (1978)

William Girdler takes a lot of heat for his short résumé, which includes CMC faves Grizzly and Abby, but you’ve got to hand it to the guy: he pumped out 9 films in 6 six years before his crazy helicopter accident in the Philippines at age 30. His last film, The Manitou, was released posthumously to great success as I understand it, despite it’s ridiculousness...

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a Native American, an angry one at that, growing out of a woman’s back. Please, take a moment to reread that. Ok, but it gets better, the emerging spirit is birthed, and it’s a midget in make up, who is eventually fought off in outer space by the spirit of all the machines in a hospital channeled as lasers through the fingertips of the woman he originally possessed and was born from. Goddamn, I love movies.

Yep, Tony Curtis, Susan Strasberg and Colonel Sanders, er I mean, Burgess Meredith! Way to go Billy! The Manitou was based on a novel of the same name, and I bet it was just as weird, and amazing as its cinematic counterpart. The movie really is super entertaining in cheesy ways, I highly recommend this one!

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