The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)

First, I want to take this moment and admit to the Internetz that I love all things peanut butter. I especially love crunchy peanut butter, a lot. It’s just one of things most people snub, like pulp in your OJ, which I also really love. Ok, personal confessions aside, let’s move on...

I think the first time I saw The Peanut Butter Solution was on the Disney Channel as a kid, and it actually kind of disturbed and inspired me simultaneously. The poster bills it as a comedy adventure, and it does have some funny parts, but mostly it’s creepy. Even after watching it on tape a few years ago, I was struck by how dreamy and weird it is. The trailer completely leaves out the maniac artist who abducts kids to help him cut Michael’s hair to make magic paint brushes. Wild, no? Let me back up...Michael Baskin (no relation to Josh) gets so scared he loses his hair, and to regrow it, some ghosts give him the secret formula for Rogaine. Can you guess the main ingredient? It’s peanut butter, dummy. Anyways, he’s supposed to spread it over his bald head and poof, hair regeneration. Only problem is, he uses too much PB! Then we get into the whole crazy artist-man-kidnaps-him-to-make-trippy-magic-paintings-that-you-can-actually-get-into part of the story.

As far as I can tell, there’s no official DVD release, but VHS and bootlegs are available, or Google Video offers an iPod/PSP download.

FUN FACT: Celine Dion’s first english language music video came from The Peanut Butter Solution’s soundtrack. We could probably do a whole post just on this video, now that I think about it...English and French versions of “Listen to the Magic Man” and “Michael’s Song” after the video.


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