Mother's Day (1980)

Troma's Mother's Day tells the simple tale of old college girlfriends reuniting for a camping trip in the woods, when suddenly, they are kidnapped by two deranged brothers who drag them back to their creepy house. And then the nightmare really begins. The two mongrels proceed to torture and rape the girls while their elderly, wide-eyed mother, played flawlessly by Beatrice Pons, sits back and laughs it up. Anything for dear old ma, right?

It's an all-around superb horror flick with amusing death scenes (hammer stab in the balls anyone?) and a superise ending that will blow your mind. Although it was filmed for a measly $150,000, Mother's Day is pure gold.

FUN FACTS: The house used in the film was an actual house in the woods of Newton, New Jersey. No one had lived there for 15 years prior to filming. The previous owner of the home was murdered there. Also, it was shot across the lake at the same time the original Friday the 13th was being filmed.

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