Brain Damage (1987)

Move over Nancy Reagan! Frank Henenlotter, the man who gave the world Basket Case and Frakenhooker, gives us the most powerful anti-drug PSA imaginable!

Brain Damage follows Brian, who picks up an escaped, parasitic creature named Aylmer (Elmer) that supplies him with a hallucinogenic blue juice in exchange for...BRAAAAAAIINNSSS. As Brian begins to realize what’s happening to him, he struggles to gain control over the casual, hungry, smooth-talking Aylmer. Aylmer reminds me of a tinier, more dookie-like and more ruthless Snake:

The movie is probably best known for the infamous “blowjob” scene in which Aylmer eats a poor club girl’s brains while she’s handling Brian’s goods, and the “ear” scene which has a crashing Brian pulling his brains out his ear. If you need more evidence of Henenlotter’s genius, Brain Damage is also incredibly quotable in both sick and hilarious ways. A couple cases in point:

“All I remember is feeling something sticky in my pants and then finding them covered in blood...not my blood...”

“Is she dead?” “Of course she’s dead, what, are you kidding?”

For those interested, no official soundtrack has been released (though a novelization has), but Vinnie Rattolle has isolated the score from the DVD for the Brain Damage completist, if there can be such a person.

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