New Flash Gordon movie

There isn’t a film theme that gets me excited the way Queen’s epic Flash Gordon theme does, that’s for sure. The film that follows is everything you can want in a camp-classic with it’s evil ruler of a far off planet, hawk-men, rebellions, football, you know, the stuff that dreams are made of. And with all the remakes of late, I’m not entirely surprised about a Flash Gordon remake, but I did die a little in my heart when I saw this item from Breck Eisner on /Film:

The thing about Flash is, you’ve got to throw away the 80s version of it. I want it to be intense, agressive, gritty and real. For me it’s about reinventing Flash - we’re still staying true to the adventure origins of it, and the adventurous spirit in that movie, absolutely. It’s this man brought to another planet and uniting the disperate groups on Mongo, but there is a gritty, intense, dynamic, active quality to the movie. Very modern. It’s not camp.

I do love a good action flick also, so I’m not boycotting the idea, but throw away the DeLaurentis ‘80s version?? Come on! The planet is named MONGO for christ’s sake. How can you not love this?!

Perhaps though this means a new Flesh Gordon will be in the works. I guess that’s for the best.

And here's the theme from Queen:

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