Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (2002)



Green lit and actually paid hard earned money for this movie to be made....

And what's worse is people worked hard on it. They stayed up late editing cheesy stock footage of sharks over green screen footage... They studied lines and went to school to be graffs, cinematographers, producers or some other miscellaneous job so this film could go straight to your local video store.

AND... that is what's amazing about it. This movie is fun/funny as hell... and from what i gather it's completely unintentional!

If after watching the above posted youtube video you haven't searched far and wide to get this on your Netflix or on your computer in some totally legal and non-pirated way... you are an idiot... thats right! i'm verbally attacking you the reader... you are an idiot. Go rent or buy this!

Netflix It!

Buy It!
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