Head of the Family (1996)

In high school and the summer following our first year of college, my friend Jeff and I would often end our part time jobs around the same time most evenings. Most of those evenings we would quickly run to the blockbuster near his house (remember those?) and rent the most ridiculous looking movie on the racks, and this gem still stands out in my memory. I think that's because the tagline was incredible; "Mess with the head and you're dead!" I don't really recall any plot points, but I do remember that giant, hideous namesake, the head of the family, Myron. He would telepathically control his siblings to do his bidding, and they also had "powers," like big eyeballs and big boobs. I suppose both are handy in certain situations, and both are definitely better than a gigantic head. Anyways, check it out, it's stupid, but has some great gratuitous scenes.

The DVD apparently has commentary from J.W. Perra as both himself and Myron. Awesome!

Charles Band, the writer/director of this dusty gem has produced so many of the past two decades' worst horror/sci fi schlock including one of my all-time favs, Stuart Gordon's Robot Jox. Band also announced last summer that he's making a sequel to Head of the Family. Keep an eye out for that and Band's opus Evil Bong II: King Bong coming out later this year.

Best Quote: "Intercourse...with Satan??"


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