Fire & Ice (1983)

This epic animated piece from Ralph Bakshi, of Fritz the Cat fame, rolled out during the barbarian craze of the early '80s. It's kind of just an extended episode of He-Man, but with a ton of butt cheeks. Example below:

The animation is pretty sweet, actually. Bakshi used a lot of rotoscoping and little to no shading which kind of makes the characters float gracefully over the painted backgrounds, neat. His career never really took hold on mainstream audiences, for which he blames George Lucas:

“I was doing Wizards for Fox at the exact same time George Lucas was doing Star Wars for Fox. Wizards was originally called War Wizards and George asked me to drop the word "War" from my title. I said that of course I would. Lucas opened up Star Wars three weeks after I opened up Wizards and he ended up in all my theatres. It didn't affect my career, it ruined my career. I think Star Wars is the world's greatest movie but I wish he had done it at another studio at another time”

Bummer. Sweet cover art though.

buy it here or you can find it all on youtube here

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  1. Yes Bakshi's lack of success is CLEARLY all Lucas' fault.