The Night of a Thousand Cats (1972)

"When The Cats Are Hungry... Run For Your Lives!"

Well... This sucks already.


Now a female's butt... next to a man's butt... I guess to show they boned?

Ok, forget it... this movie sucks. Way to trick me again boobs. You are so damn sneaky!

Essentially the plot of this movie is:
International playboy Hugo flies around in his helicopter sexin' up beautiful women. Once they arrive... Hugo sexes em up. Kills them. Then feeds them to a pit full of cats. This is a plot most people would think is PURE GENIUS!!!!1!!!! Let me be the last to tell you it is not. Although the scenes where Hugo throws dead lady flesh into the pit of cats is pretty funny.

Ultimately I just wasted an hour and a half of my life and saved it for you. The only saving grace is the brief seconds of nudity... but here I'll save you the effort: IF YOU CLICK THIS LINK YOU'LL SEE A GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH OF BOOBS... TURN YOUR SAFESEARCH OFF AND YOU'LL SEE LOTS-O-BOOBS!!!!!!!