Michael Jackson's Ghosts (1997)

Man I don't know where I was when this came out; hopefully getting laid. But I had never heard of this before now, and only discovered it by accident on Amazon. I think MJ was trying to recapture some of his "Thriller" glory as his popularity waned in the late '90s and he started to really embody the whole Wacko Jacko name. But he spared no expense here, the video is directed by effects master Stan Winston and based on a story by Stephen King, MJ and Stan Winston. Pretty wild bunch eh? This apparently screened in some places with King's Thinner movie that same year, and then was subsequently released on video.

And dig this description from IMDB, I was laughing pretty hard:

"The story tells of a small town that is very much bothered by a very strange and weird man living in a visually haunted house. One day the mayor decides to go with a couple of people from his town to the weird man who's living up the hill, and tell him to leave. When they reach the mayor starts convincing him to leave his town, but the people with the mayor started liking Michael Jackson, and he started singing to them and scaring the mayor. Until in the end the mayor gets too scared and runs away, and the people come to know that Michael isn't too bad after all."

The more interesting thing is that Mike also plays the mayor and the final video shows the process to have him done up like a cranky old white man. Wikipedia says this is considered by Guiness to be the world's longest music video, and I guess. I always thought 8 Mile was.

This appears to be out of print on DVD. However, if you're feeling especially saucy you can buy the Ghosts VCD at amazon.com.Hurry, there are only 15 left!


  1. Haha, I've got it on VHS! Got it when I was 10 (1998?), I was a huge MJ fan back in the day. I think it came in a box set with the VHS, a booklet about the movie and two CD's (Blood on the Dance Floor and some weird single).

  2. I don't know how this one seems to have stayed somewhat under the radar but it's so rad. Wish I had that set as well!

    1. Good Job! Good Job! REX Bischoff