Street Fighter: Where Are They Now - Zangief

One thing that struck about the JCVD Street Fighter film was how many of the game characters they tried to cram into the damn movie. Many got little to no actual screen presence, and at first glance, most were new faces to me (except for Kylie Minogue that lil Aussie cutie face! Tee hee!).

So I thought, "I wonder what they're doing now?" True story. So I looked some up.

Former body builderAndrew Bryniarski, better known to your faces as Zangief, is actually the most recent Leatherface believe it or not. His resume looks pretty good truthfully, Any Given Sunday, Firefly, Batman Returns, Cyborg 3, too many classics to list. His role was beefier than most in Street FIghter, but as with all the characters in it, pretty shallow. Ok that's it, I just wanted you to know what Zangief was up to:

And I'm sure some of you will enjoy this...


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