Sewage Baby aka The Suckling (1990)

You know a movie called Sewage Baby is going to be awesome when it begins with a text scroll about how it's based on a true story, told no less from a crazy lady. This movie also goes by the name The Suckling, but I'll just refer to it as The Suck going forward.

The incredible ridiculous story goes as such: a young woman and her boyfriend go to seedy whorehouse to get an abortion, why there? Who knows. But Big Mama and the girl's boyfriend drug her and coathanger the baby out against her will, and the FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET ("just like I taught you") after which it get soaked in toxic waste from some mysterious biohazard drum that happens to be outside the whorehouse. Of course, junior gets mutated into a giant pissed off fetus, that then proceeds to cover the whole whorehouse in a humongous placenta, and kill everyone trapped inside. After everyone is killed but the fetus's momma, it shrinks itself and runs back into her vagina! Based on a true story!!!

Baby goes on to kill people left and right, but I think about half of the people inside either get killed by each other or themselves. This was kind of the interesting and also ridiculous part of the story, how people coped with their "situation." The dialogue is hilarious through and through. There's some weirdo-o comedic scenes also that are kind of out of place, unless the movie is trying to be a comedy, but it doesn't seem like it throughout the rest of them movie. I do not recommend watching this alone, only for the fact that this is much better with beers and buds, and these films tend to be. This is the sole credit for writer/director Francis Teri, whom I guessing regrets having an abortion in her youth? Actually, I guess Francis could be a dude, I couldn't find confirmation on that. But this movie is just about the biggest anti-abo film you can have from whorehouse to the monster fetus to mental effects it has on momma.

Also check out the priceless reentering-the-womb scene