Universal Studios Video Tour: Adventures of Conan

A couple weeks ago I picked up this VHS of a Kodak Video Tour of Universal Studios. I guess there were a whole slew of these made in the late '80s as a way for people to feel like they were actually going to theme parks without actually, you know, going. I couldn't find a whole lot info on these, but I didn't search too hard, I'm tired.

This one for Universal Studios is equal parts interesting, ridiculous, nostalgic and stupid. If you guys are into it, I'll post more clips (Hitchcock, BTTF, Miami Vice etc), but for now, enjoy this sneak peek into the now extinct the Adventures of Conan stage show. Wait for the raisin wizard.

UPDATE: Audio is better!


  1. That was great! You should post the whole thing.

    Was the audio off though?

  2. glad you liked it!

    and yeah it's off slightly, i don't know why though, i'm admittedly not too familiar with video stuff, but it played fine when i copied it from the vhs, but when i trimmed that clip that audio shifted slightly. if i figure it out i'll replace the video though. hopefully the others won't have the same problem.

  3. Please do the BTTF or the Hitchcock one next. Is it the PSYCHO house?!

  4. Yeah there are actually two Hitchcock bits, one on the house and a piece with him introducing the original Universal Studios tour pre-theme park.

    BTTF is less about the ride, in fact it's not even mentioned, but more about the set design, which is pretty sweet.

    Stay tuned!