Society (1989)

Holy sweet mother of incredibleness. Brian Yuzna's Society really surprised me because I hadn't seen it until recently (thanks to our Mr. Smallberries) and frankly I'm glad I didn't see it sooner. This would have really screwed up my brain if I had seen it as a kid. Much of that screwing comes via awesome effects by Screaming Mad George who's done work on greats from Predator to Big Trouble in Little China to Progeny and so many more.

Yuzna's debut follows young Billy who although seemingly has a bright future in society, can't help but feel like something is up with his family and certain schoolmates. After a few really effed hallucinatory-like episodes, Billy starts to believe that he isn't crazy (as his therapist would like him to), especially after his sister's ex plays him a pretty perverse, violent, incestuous audio tape of his family. See below.

Anyways, I don't want to spoil too much, because I recommend everyone check out this twisted body horror epic. If you've seen any of Yuzna's other work, either writing or directing (From Beyond, Re-Animator) you'll be familiar with his capability to mind rape your brain cells, and then blame you because you're watching his movie. The last act of Society is a long time coming, but when it gets there, it's nuts, and really caps off the spirit of '80s indulgence...I won't say much more, but tease you with the following screen caps.

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