20 Epic VHS Covers

As a young kid in the '80s, I grew up smack dab in the middle of the home video market boom. All sorts of low budget, straight-to-video schlock hit the shelves with no advertising of any kind other than the cover you were presented with. It really had to sell since you'd probably not seen any trailer or read any reviews for these films; there just weren't any. And being a kid during this boom was great, so many of these covers were better than the movie they packaged, the story you made up in your mind was probably far superior. And the art was so awesome and uniquely "video." So anyways, here're 20 epic video covers that would've have intrigued my 9-year old self, click for larger, more epic views.


  1. I saw ROBOT HOLOCAUST at the video store earlier, but I just couldn't bring myself to rent it.


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