Blood Games (1990)

Blood Games, aka Baseball Bimbos in Hillbilly Hell suffers from an identity crisis of pretty major proportions. On the one hand, it has everything guys want in a movie: boobs, sports, action and boobs. On the other hand, it also shows men to be downright rude crude dudes. What’s a sophisticated millennium man to think? Well let me tell you...“AWESOME!”

The movie’s story is simple enough: an out of town female baseball team wins a pick up game with some local rednecks, who are none too pleased. The game itself is kind of hilarious with slo-mo and ass pinching and whatnot, but after the post-game shower, it quickly gets violent. The loser dudes decide the only way to save face and regain their manliness is to try and rape the women, one thing leads to another and yadda yadda yadda, we have a full blown backwoods cat and mouse and crossbows action extraordinaire on our hands. Think I Spit On Your Grave with a dash of Deliverance and a pinch on the ass of A League of Their Own.

The odd thing is, Blood Games is suspiciously the only feature directed by Tanya Rosenberg, and while it plays up female empowerment and male grotesqueness, it’s simultaneously gratuitous in its catering to a male audience. I’d like to think Rosenberg was trying to tell a moral tale, being ridiculously meta in her production, or more likely “she” was really just a dude director using a pseudonym. And who could blame “him,” this movie is by no means a disney production with its frequent showing of rape and violence against women, though the ladies ultimately kick ass in the end.

I hope it’s presence on Impact VOD means Blood Games will be getting a DVD release soon, but in case your cable provider doesn’t offer it, you can find it on youtube here. This also got me thinking, what other sports/thriller movies are out there? The Fan comes to mind, but let us know your favorites.

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