6 Reasons To Love Teen Witch!

Teen Witch is a masterpiece of cinema, pure and simple. Now you may be asking, "Well, if this film is so great how come he doesn't list 10 reasons or 20 reasons?" Ok, hot shot, I'll tell you why. YES. I could go on and on about how great the choreography is or how influential the fashion has been, but I don't want to give you a heart attack due to extreme excitement. In a sense, I am saving your life with this list. Don't mention it. Here we go...

6. Zelda Rubinstein plays Madame Serena. You may know her as the cute, raspy voiced psychic from Poltergeist...or as the little freaky lady in your nightmares.

5. The film was originally pitched as a "female Teen Wolf". Can you imagine? "It didn't pass me by Dad, it landed on my tits!"

4. The film has been magically transformed into a comedy musical, Teen Witch Live!, currently running at LA's famous Groundlings Theater. Yes, seriously. Let's go!

3. Dan Gauthier (Brad) takes his shirt off. I'm shvitzing!

2. Louise's teacher Mr. Weaver, real name Shelley Berman, also plays Larry David's loveable, pot smoking dad on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I doubt he wouldve landed that role had he not acted his heart out in this film.

1. The rap battle between Polly and Rhet is the single greatest 2 minutes in movie history:

(OR go rent THAT on Netflix.)
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