Top 10 Zombie Scenes!

Hey! In the spirit of Easter Sunday let us discuss reanimated flesh.

10. Return of the Living Dead (1985)
So bad... yet so good.

9. Re-Animator (1984)
This scene always made me laugh. This movie in general is just great.

8. 28 Days Later (1984)
I can't find a clip of this so I'll try and upload this week. But the intro when Jim wakes up in the hospital and makes his way out into the desolate landscape is beautiful. Really sets the mood for the rest of the film.... and the music is perfect.

7. Evil dead 2 (1987)
Cmooooonnnnnn! Bruce Campbell. Zombie hand. AWESOME!

6. Day of the Dead (1984)
Not only does the most annoying character in the film die. It is probably the most gruesome and well shot death sequences in Romero's career.

5. Dawn of the Dead (remake)(2004)
Who would have thought a remake of one of the greatest zombie films of all time would make the list. But I will stand by saying that the first 15 minutes of this film may be the most frightening in zombie history.

4. Lucio Fulci’s Zombie(or Zombie 2) (1980)
Just over the top awesome. I mean... it's a zombie fighting a fucking shark. Go ahead and try to film a more badass scene. I dare you.

3. Dead Alive (Brain Dead)(1992)
Oh... Peter Jackson. Please make more films like this. If I recall correctly... this film holds the record for most fake blood used in a film ever (This scene being the reason for that).

2. Dawn of the Dead (1978)
This scene really drove the point of this film home. Short, sweet and very well written.

1. Night of the Living Dead (1978)
So I guess this is cheating but whatever... I can't pick a scene and nothing I say hasn't already been said... the whole movie is amazing. It started this genre and will go down as the best. Watch the whole movie below.

I am well aware this is very subjective and that a lot of great scenes are left out of this list... I mean... is there really a bad scene in a zombie film?
Feel free to add your own favorite zombie scenes in the comments section.
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