Fred Dekker - The Bane of My Existence!

As most people know RoboCop for me is one of the greatest films ever made. If not THE best. I am well aware that this is a personal opinion and could be shot down in a second by anyone else that enjoys film... but in response to that... "Bitches Leave."

So how does someone who films two of the best horror comedy movies of the 80's go on to direct RoboCop 3... a film that literally shits on my 9 year old face and kills my puppy as I sit there and watch through my poop covered eyes... yeah... it is that bad.

Fred Dekker,
This is a request for you to make films again. I believe in you. I really do!
Night of the Creeps(1986) and Monster Squad(1987) are unbelievably great movies. Please get over the fact that you made Robocop 3. I would like to see you do something new. In an industry oversaturated with japanese remakes and just plain unoriginal ideas I feel like you could really help save film.


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