3 Dev Adam (1973)

Oh my god! Spider-Man is on a murderous rampage in Turkey again! Somebody call Captain America and Mexican wrestler Santo!

This is by no means an unknown flick at this point, but it’s so completely ridiculous, that if you haven’t seen it, now’s the time to step up and get it. Also known as Three Mighty Men, 3 Dev Adam is a prime piece of Turkish rip-off cinema. Its brilliance lies in its complete massacre of cultural icons from other countries simply for their cinematic benefit. Check out Spidey’s costume for example:

Here, Spider-Man is psychopathic gang leader (with an equally evil girlfriend and equally evil eyebrows) who is always making trouble for the Istanbul authorities. Left with no other option, they call in Captain America and Mexican wrestler Santo to clean up the gang. Apparently the guy who plays Cap is a big-time Turkish action star, and coincidentally also starred in Yor, Hunter From the Future, so however much they dump on my childhood icons, I am glad they pulled out the big guns on this one.

Back to the story, for whatever unexplained reason, no matter how many times Cap kills ole Spidey, he keeps popping back up, only to be killed again, in more awesome ways that he somehow lives through. Like having his head smashed in a machine, ends up being just a scratch really. I-mockery has a ton of awesome animated gifs showing off the other ridiculousness on display in 3 Dev Adam, including the weird-o sex scene with Spider-Man and his girlfriend while puppets watch. The puppets remind me of the king and his buddies in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, which makes it even creepier.

You can grab a region-free copy directly from Onar films, stalk ebay or be a nerd about it and hit up a comic convention to get a copy, like I did...though I don’t consider myself a nerd, it’s purely research...but I also scored some awesome zombie comics...

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