Leviathan (1989)

Thanks Marshall for reminding me this was on. I saw this movie when I was 4 or 5... I then spent up until this afternoon continuously being let down every time I thought The Abyss (of the same year) was it.

Peter Weller stars in this fantastic example of a cheesy superbly done sci-fi flick. With its "The Thing" esque tone and nods to Alien it truly is a fine example of a great time period in special effects and filmaking.

Theres a certain eeriness to films set in the desolate landscape of space... theres an even eerier feeling when you relocate it to the bottom of the ocean.. now add in some shapeshifting body snatching/mutating creature and you are essentially fucked.

Honestly... just watch it. Unless you don't like seeing the artist formerly known as RoboCop shooting a three pointer grenade into an aliens mouth right after an unecessary shark attck.... I mean it's your call but it'd just be a shame to have to give you a wedgie and kick sand in your face the next time I see you.

Buy It!

Rent It!
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