Chopping Mall (1986)

Clearly, this is a great idea for a movie. Malls were THE place to be in the 80s, therefore why not make a horror movie where wild kids break into a mall to perform risque antics, but are then killed by malfunctioned mall security robots? So obvious. I have yet to see this film but the trailer, narrated by the late great Percy Rodriguez, is fantastic...especially when he says the tagline at the end. The poster is equally fantastic:

FUN FACTS: The movie features the brilliantly blonde, big-boobed Angela Aames who can also be seen in Tom Hanks' 1984 rawnch classic Bachelor Party playing the mall photo booth mommy, Mrs. Klupner (watch the clip here). Tragically, Aames and her beautiful boobies were taken away from us when she mysteriously died in 1988 at the age of 32. Who knows what she may have gone on to do...

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  1. Oh damn, I used to have this dvd! So amazing, it's like the horror version of Short Circuit. The best part is the poster art relates in NO WAY to the movie; that scene in the trailer where "security" carries the severed arm clutching a shopping bag isn't in the film.

  2. i cant believe you owned this. that is amazing! we may need to rent this and do a screening...