Robot Wars (1993), Robo Warriors (1996)

Following Robot Jox and Crash & Burn, the same production team delivered another possible giant robot future, followed by a copycat fourth. The ties between all four are pretty tenuous, with the only connections being "giant robots in the future" and Danny Kamekona starring in both Robot Jox and Robot Wars, albeit as different characters. He's mostly known for his turn as the cranky rival-cum-ally of Mr. Miyagi, Sato, in Karate Kid Part II. Robot Jox and Robot Wars are the most similar, though Crash and Burn was originally titled Robot Jox 2, and there are also references to Wars being Jox 2. Honestly though, they're all fairly unrelated in terms of story.

I couldn't find an official trailer from Robo Warriors, but a robo-enthusiast created this unofficial German version that does the trick. In this vision of the Band/Gordon future, reptilian aliens have come to hassle us earth beings, as they usually do, and we resurrect the giant robot fighting machine. This film isn't officially tied to the previous three, probably created to capitalize on the cult success of the Band series.

Robot Wars is available here and Robo Warriors here.


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