Die Hard: The Musical

Have I mentioned that I'm a Die Hard fan? No? That's weird, well I am. And also actors making music. So when I caught wind of this, I had to share.

Our very own Special Agent Johnson has an album of Sinatra standards, just released this past fall. Robert Davi, whom you may know better from Maniac Cop 2 & 3, The Taking of Beverly Hills, The Goonies and/or Predator 2, is also apparently a student of the great American Songboook. I just happened to be cruising iTunes radio stations when I caught a bit of a program that was mentioning his album and had clips of interviews and a handful of tracks from his album. I was surprised, dude has pipes. Check out this great interview promo clip where he also discusses his first viewing of Die Hard with Arnold Schwarzenegger:

If you're interested, you can pick up his album, Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance on Amazon.

Trivia: Davi's first film was with Sinatra, Contract on Cherry Street.

So this news got naturally got me thinking about Die Hard and Bruce Willis also released an album of blues songs back in the '80s, called The Return of Bruno. I'm not really sure who in his circle encouraged him to go forward with that particular project, but he followed it with 2 other albums in '89 and '99 respectively that I haven't heard. But one thing you might not know is that Bruno was accompanied by a kind of ridiculous HBO special of the same name. Now I mean, I'm a Bruce Willis fan, he's the only reason I would check out the new G.I. Joe movie, but his singing is just kind of average I guess. The special, however, totally sells it:

You can get the special on lovely lovely VHS for only $20 at Amazon!. I would put a download of the album/special on here, but now I'm all paranoid with the recent squashing of such activities. I'm sure with a little sleuthing you all can find them as well.

And possibly more familiar is Alan Rickman's (aka HANS GRUBER) singing role in Sweeney Todd, as Judge Turpin.

So all of this is to get to the point that I would like to propose, Die Hard: The Musical. How terrible/awesome would that be?! Actually, instead of all the endless stream of crime dramas premiering every year on network television, I wish someone would do a Die Hard show with a young McClane fresh on the force. That would be cool too. Actually anything more Die Hard. Die Hard. Yes.

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