The worst Gremlins game that never was.

Movies.com unearthed a cancelled Gremlins game for PS2/Gamecube and argues its for good reason, and I'm not about to say otherwise. But really, have any of you guys ever played a Gremlins video game? THEY ALL SUCK DUNKEY BUTT.

Gremlins 2 for Gameboy

Gremlins: Unleashed! for Gameboy

Stripe vs Gizmo for GBA

Gremlins 2 for NES

Gremlins for Atari 2600

So nothing new or enlightening in this post, just a quick reminder that when you have to crap in a public toilet, there's always a turd waiting for you.

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  1. The Gremlins 2 video game for NES had it's moments. Beat it last year some how. A lot of tough jumps!