Alien 2: On Earth (1980)

Italian horror/sci-fi movie Alien 2:On Earth is supposed to be an unofficial sequel to the 1979 Ridley Scott Alien. While it doesn't really have any echoes of that movie other than having, you know, an alien in it, it is pretty creative init's own right. The beginning is kind of slow, following a group of spelunkers on their way do their thang. Once they get down in the ground, all hell breaks loose when they discover a organism down there that kind looks like rocks. I kinda dug this movie quite a bit, for what it is.

I get why they wanted to hop on the Alien-train and cash in, but really there's not a thing about this that reminds me of Alien. It's present day it seems, and the alien I guess is more of a shape shifter rather than a recognizable creature, but this has more to do with budget limitations I'm sure. It's almost like The Descent meets The Thing meets Zombi 2. If you dig Italian zombie movies I say definitely check this out, blu-ray if you can, and be patient during the opening act, and you'll see awesome things like this:

As always I may be in the minority on stuff like this, but give it a shot. It's not art. It's not cinema. But it's pretty fun. Grab it from Amazon.


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