Synopsis of a Potentially Amazing Forthcoming Bobcat Godlthwait Directed Film

In an appearance on the Adam Carolla Show last week, Bobcat Goldthwait said,
"There’s a middle aged guy and he’s at home watching a show like My Super Sweet 16, you know that show?…there’s always a horrible kid who gets everything she wants…”I wanted an Escalade! You ruined everything!” So he’s sitting at home watching a show like that, and he drives 400 miles and kills that girl — spoiler alert! — and then her friend, well not a friend, a classmate, is going “did you kill Chloe?” and he doesn’t say anything, and she goes “awesome.” So then they get in this stolen Camero and drive around and kill people. We’re hoping for a Christmas release...And it's called "God Bless America!"

(via /Film)

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  1. If this gets made... I will have faith in humanity again.