Zombie Strippers (2008 - Liveblog)

Might as well.

8:50- This was decided via coin toss. Zombie Strippers or The Hurt Locker. If you Can't tell, Zombie Strippers won.

8:50- I'm going into this hoping for a softcore porn.

8:58- I was informed Netflix has been suggesting this film to friends... thus... NO softcore porn.

9:02- W-industries. Clever.

9:03- "You'd think the military would issue sports bras."


9:06- O.K. Where are the tits? You lost the shirt. I get it. Tits. Now!

9:08- YES! Strip club... out of no where!

9:08- BOOBS!

9:10 - "O.K. Ubersluts."

9:11 - OH Shit! Robert Englund!

9:14 - Intrigued to see jesus stripper strip.

9:14 - Oh, what the fuck. Stupid pre-zombie had to die and ruin everything. Now I'll never see her tits.

9:17 - Or... maybe not!


9:19 - Jenna Jameson giving advice. True American Hero.

9:19 - HOLY SHIT! Jenna Jameson Just died! The Drew Barrymore of this film!

9:23 - What the fuck. Shark has been jumped.

9:26 - Wellllll... I guess I have to make it through this film now. hmph.

9:28 - Zombie Blowjob... wondering how that went? You were right!

9:35 - Apparently being a zombie makes you a super stripper.

9:37 - So now everyone is a necrophiliac?

9:38 - WHOA! That was actually an awesome death scene!

9:42 - Strippers biting strippers to become better strippers.

9:42 - I'm going to drink some whiskey.

9:46 - I'm full of booze.

9:48 - Please show me the boobs of the hot jesus-y girl

9:53 - Is it possible for a movie to jump a second shark?

9:56 - Warriors reference? ANNDDDDD a double frontflip! Holy shit!

9:58 - Nothing but bad metalcore throughout this movie.

9:58 - Oh shit arm ripped off!

9:59 - Zombies have super stripping powers?

10:00 - Matrix style pussy ping pong ball scene!!!!!!!11!!1!!!11!!!!!!

10:03 - NRA!

10:04 - "They are.... zombie strippers!"

10:07 - There's like 25 minutes left. How is this possible. We are all hoping that the zombies win and make public nudity a law.

10:12 - Welp.... Jenna Jamesons head just came off.

10:13 - Lots-O-Dead zombies.

10:15 - Robert Englund is dead... spoiler alert!

10:17 - Why do I do this to myself.

10:18 - Hot military chick versus zombies. Shocking.

10:19 - Oh shit! Military plot twist!

10:20 - The military is gathering specimens. Who would have thought... I just cant believe this movie still has a plot.

10:22 - I cant write anymore... It's the end...If any of this has intrigued you... see it... I guess.

10:23 - I hate my life.

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