Curse II: The Bite (1989)

Now this idea I can get behind. Clark's hand gets bitten by a radioactive snake, and then his hand starts to turn into snake head and only Jaime Farr has the cure! My first thought, this poor dude can't catch a SpiderMan™ break and just become SnakeMan™, saving the world from evil scientists with his snake powers. But alas, as the title suggest, his bite is more curse than gift. Curse 2 (no relation to Curse 1) could be awesome, and I probably would've thought it was more awesome if the end wasn't so awesome! I'm watching, enojying, and then the whole end scene happens and all I can think is "YEAH THATS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT SNAKES-GUTS_DID THAT GUYS EYEJUSTFALL OUTOH MAN IT DID SNAAAAKES" I promise I'm a sane man. So I offer you two options...1) Find this film on VHS somewhere, get some friends over and watch it. There are plenty of great scenes throughout, like the road full of snakes and radioactive-snake-dog. OR 2) You can skip and just watch the end scene which I have so generously put below for you, our dearest of readers. You'll also get a sample of the great synth score, sounds like it was right out of a Full Moon picture production. I'll catch you up if that is case: so now Clark's hand is cut off, and he escaped from the weird religious family and he's on his (ex?)girlfriend's car while the police and Jamie Farr are en route. How they conclude they are going to a construction site was beyond me, but they figured it out. Anyways, less talk, more snake guts:

And some other cool things I found on the Internet:

Jamie Farr was from MASH, you idiot, jeez.


  1. They should do "THE BITE 2," "THE BITE 3," "THE BITE 4," "THE BITE 5," and "THE BITE 6." And should have them way dozens of snakes come out of guy's body all over, like all over his face, neck, chest, belly, arms, legs, and even out the guy's back in terror.

  2. All other good horror movie directors oughta do millions of weird snake transformation, horror films that are likely similar to this 'The Bite' film. I also think they should do a lot of NECK BURSTING, or NECK EXPANDING MONSTER MUTATIONS Special Makeup Effects because I think it would be totally cool, and creepy.

  3. Hope all other new Hollywood filmmakers can make an over thousands of weird body mutation, horror films like this one.

    They could also do an hundred more crazy makeup air-bladder special effects for the upcoming low-budget horror movies.

  4. Makeup FX guys ought to do an thousand or seven thousand new Bladder-FX Human Neck Swelling Vore Snake films.

  5. I hope that sooner thousands of other new special makeup effects guys will do many, many Body Expansion Air-Bladders FX Mutant films and also do the The Snake Bite sequels like 'THE BITE 2' to 'THE BITE 6' or even ten more of new 'The Bite' movies.