G-Fest 2010

As some of you know (aka probably none of you), I went to G-Fest this summer with my brother. What is G-Fest you are asking yourself? It's the nation's largest and most intense gathering for Godzilla fans (and all kaiju for that matter) that takes place over a three day weekend. My brother loves Godzilla and I love monster movies and ridiculous things in general. I've been pretty slow to post about the event and pictures, but I am doing so now, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the festivities. Well as much as you can, the pictures don't really do the event justice and are in no particular order. There were a ton of activities and sessions that we missed because neither of us had ever been to chicago, so we split the time between checking out the city and checking out G-Fest. There was a bunch of filming going on for G-Fest movie starring the official mascot, G-Fantis as well, that's what the little mini city was for. For me the highlights were the merch room and costume contest. I grabbed a bunch of great movies and some old '60s sci-fi model kit which had some weird star wars connection (one would think vis the cantina, but I'm not sure, there's Darth Vader, C3PO and R2D2 images on the side of this, but I can't read Japanese). The image below isn't mine, I should prob take a picture and update this later, but I have been so slow to get this up, I may as well get the rest up. Anyways, enjoy!

some crazy fan art, godzilla fans are seriously engrossed in this world!

Here's a video highlight reel the organizers put together. You can briefly see me in it, but I won't say where. There are also a ton of other videos from the event if you just search "g-fest 17" on Youtube.

The whole experience was pretty ridiculous, and I would definitely go back. The fans alone are worth going to see, ha. I wish there had been Kaiju Big Battel event going on that weekend also, those are freaking amazing! Would have been great, oh well.

G-Fest is organized by the publishers of G-Fan, a magazine devoted entirely to Godzilal and kaiju culture. The magazine is pretty amazing, and if you're at all interested in Godzilla, I recommend subscribing. If you're good at internetting, you can probably find some issues online, but there are many many back issues still available on their site if you're interested.


  1. He isn't kidding...it was AWESOME!

  2. your back is now famous!

  3. It was awesome..I watched it with my family and my children was very happy after seeing it..wishing that watch this film once again.