The Toolbox Murders (1978) & (2004)

I suppose this will be a double review since I rented the remake about 2 months ago thinking "Hey... its a Tobe Hooper flick... might as well watch it."

I've been drinking beer so this will most likely be short and sweet with quite a few grammatical errors.

1978 Toolbox Murders:
This was placed on the "Video Nasty List"... so automatically my interest is peaked... and to my surprise I actually liked it. I mean, minus the last half which drug a bit. It IS really shitty... but I love the crappy dialogue, terrible acting and the happy go lucky music playing while the naked chicks get killed. Mostly the part when they are naked. Actually now that I watch this movie I think that should be the title of it... "Naked chicks getting killed while being naked." Seriously though, this movie is worth watching for the bathtub scene alone. Probably one of my favorite shitty horror movies I've reviewed on here. Did I mention it's chock full of nudity?

2004 Toolbox Murders:
More boobs please. The story takes a different turn from the original which is nice and as a whole the gore is pretty well done... lots of fun gruesome death scenes. It's really not THAT bad of a movie. Although, I think I enjoyed the mythology/the hidden passage concept more than I actually enjoyed the movie... either way some titties would have helped... or better yet some mythological hidden passage titties.

Overall Review:
Boobs always win. So I like the original.


  1. Beautiful erudite description. Really brings out the aesthetic designs of the film. On par with Antonioni I guess. Wil watch it, thanks.

  2. Make sure you watch the part with the tits.