VHS Cover of the Day: Hot Water aka A Cut Above aka Junior(1985)


  1. Yea I reviewed this awhile back. It's not even a horror movie, but it is kinda funny. Like why did these two chicks think opening a sandwich shop in the middle of nowhere was a good idea?

    My favorite scene was the pimp beatdown.

  2. I am always disappointed when movies don't live up to the covers. I also think though, that if a movie is going to have more than one name, this is the way to do it, with three, really different but related names. Like I hate when a movie has names that are different, but the same. I mean I hate more than one name usually cause it makes it harder to find stuff, but like for Starcrash, Star Battle Encounters, The adventures of Stella Star...ok so maybe those are cool, but you know what I mean.