Camp Wrestling Camp Part 3

In the last wrestling post I mentioned the Macho Man's rap album, remember? Well in case you didn't have the get-up-and-go to investigate the matter for yourself, that's what we're doing today.

But let me back up a second and discuss the much beloved Hulk Hogan (and his Wrestling Boot Band) album from 1995, pre-Hollywood Hulk Hogan days. It's a weirdo mix and mash of genres, ranging from ballads to rap to pop. The album was produced by, and also features vocals from, The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart, who before getting involved the with the WWF, was known from his work in '60s group The Gentrys, who generally just teetered outside the top 40, but did have one hit with "Keep on Dancing."

Anyways, this album here is RIDICULOUS. I'm not sure why Hulk did this, especially in 1995. I'm sure if he did an album between 1983 and 1987, I would have listened to it everyday for a good mental pump up as a kid, but alas, we instead get the Hogan on the decline and I'm not sure what to make of it. It's funny of course, but in no way pumps me up mentally or emotionally to get through the day.

The Macho Man counters with a much more out-of-his-prime move and released this album in 2003! 2003!!!!!!!! His wrestling career was all but wrapped up by that point, so he decided he needed to release a RAP album, and even includes a diss track at Hogan, who had also pretty much retired at this point. I don't think they were even wrestling in the same league or anything. I'm not positive on that, but two aging wrestlers throwing diss tracks at each would be pretty funny to hear on a regular basis.

Of the two, Hogan's more listenable for its kitsch value, and it's not harsh on the ears. Savage does the whole album is his coarse tone and it's def not fun to listen to repeatedly. "I Want to be a Hulkamaniac," "Hulkster in Heaven" and "Be a Man" are instant camp classics, but they're all ridiculous, ha!

What's especially funny is back in the mid '90s I saw both Hogan and Macho Man at Clearwater Beach, FL during the height of their feuds I think. They were chilling in a parking lot, buddying around and signing autographs, there for a pre-olympic beach volleyball qualifying match. Very funny to see those guys out of the ring.


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