Hanger (2009)

Well I started to watch this based on Netflix's description and that I had heard good things about Gutterballs, also by Ryan Nicholson. My thought was, I just reviewed Sewage Baby and thought this would be a good follow up, read for yourself:

Savage exploitation film that follows the vengeance-fueled rampage of Hanger (Nathan Dashwood), the now-grown survivor of a bungled back-alley abortion who returns to punish a pimp for forcing his mother into the procedure. As Hanger gets a taste for blood, his revenge spills over to the street's other depraved bottom-feeders.

Well this was nothing like I had imagined, and I guess I'm not as tough stomached as I thought. Well honestly, it's not the gore in Hanger, just the depraved characters and morals and twisted relationships between said people. My stomach was turning at the thought about these characters possibly existing in the world. I know there are plenty of effed up sorts out there, but I dunno, these people just gross me out. And hanger isn't the worst of them, he's almost a by product of hanging out with these people, not him self-motivated for revenge.

Anyways, the story didn't even go for the revenge crazed rampage I imagined, and didn't give me any satisfaction upon ending. It was gory but also slow and boring kinda, it actually took me THREE DAYS to muster up the guster to finish it. I wish I had just left it after day 1 and forgotten about it. It just gave me a numb feeling. I guess I just thought it might get better. Two most upsetting scenes: 1) The hanger abortion 2) The dude having sex with Hanger's weird puss-filled open wound. I mean, just WHY?!

No screens for this, but check out the trailer below.

I rate this 1 out of 5 abortions. Is that a messed up scale?


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