Mortal Kombat... YES!

If this is the new Mortal Kombat... Consider me SOLD.

I saw the original in theatres when I was roughly 12 and it is still the only film I've ever walked out on... and believe me I've come close on many others.

This however looks AWESOME:


  1. You can't walk out on Mortal Kombat man its fucking B awesomeness! Some of the effects are great! Part 2 I could understand you walking out on but at 12 years old this movie was the shit. I was 11 when it came out and I had no idea what a bad movie was back then and I loved it. I still get a nostalgic kick out of it now I'm 26!

  2. Little known fact:

    I don't know what I'm doing or talking about 99% of the time.


    I actually just watched the first MK earlier this week, forgot how cheeser it is. And I also recently watched the first Street FIghter movie. Would be sweet to do a crossover movie like Freddy Vs Jason but has to be the original casts. Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat vs Your Sanity IN DIGITAL 3D!!!!!!!!!

  4. I actually went with a bunch of my friends for a birthday party... it was a long time ago so a big factor in me leaving may have been the Virtua Fighter 2 arcade in the lobby... but regardless I should really revisit it. I'm sure it will at least be good for some laughs.

  5. yes, it is very funny actually. my favorite part is the awkward dub of "GET OVER HERE" when scorpion is going after johnny cage i think it was. or maybe its the awful goro effects. i still dont get why it couldnt have been a dude with extra robotic arms instead of incomplete looking muppet thing.

    and remember how frustrating that first virtua fighter was? was it just me? that shit never responded to any moves in a timely fashion. you had to be a freaking psychic and do your moves in advance to get a game done.

  6. I've always been a fighting game button masher. Therefore... I can't comment.

    Also... old man Clarence says: kids these days have no idea how cool the evolution of video game technology has been. Ungrateful little bastards.