New Year's Evil (1980)

"This New Year's, you're invited to a killer party..."

What's more punk rock than this punk rock new years eve horror film?

In this case... cats, the Spice Girls, 99% of New Jersey, my parents during my punk phase in junior high... literally anything.

This plays out like a typical 80's slasher... but with less gore. Great. Thanks for that. Gore isn't necessary for a horror film... but when it's a slasher it needs it more than anything. I have absolutely no emotional investment in a single person that you are introducing in this film and would really appreciate it if you could go ahead and disembowel them all please. Why the fuck am I not making films.

The killer's voice is by far the best part of this movie... because he sounds like Stephen Hawking... but you know... crazy... and (insert robot voice) EVIL!

Blah blah 80's horror film filler. It has some decent suspense.... and the plot is unique-ish for the most part...

Oh, hey... brb... paint is drying on my wall.

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