Battlefield Earth: A Personal Challenge

And how I wasted a Sunday afternoon.

1 PM:
Can I even make it through this film?
Probably not but I might as well try.

This is fucking terrible from the get go.

1:30 PM:
HAHAHA Forest Whitaker looks hilarious.

1:31 PM:
Are they drinking the ooze from tmnt?

1:35 PM:
I love the outfits. Everyone has cock holsters.

1:38 PM:
"With endless options of renewal! With endless options of renewal! With endless options of renewal!"
I have no idea what the fuck is happening.

1:41 PM:
This was a bad idea.

1:50 PM:
What the fuck is with these angles... also these costumes are straight from a shitty 90's nu-metal music video. Disturbed should sue.

2 PM:
My cat Walter just stepped on the controller and changed the channel. He is unhappy with this awful challenge. Can''t say I disagree with him.

2:10 PM:
Slipping into depression. John Travolta is the worst actor.

2:40 PM:
Had to take a break. I hope you understand.

2:45 PM:
How is there still 50 minutes left in this movie.

2:55 PM:
I can't think of Barry Pepper without thinking of Brian peppers.

3 PM:
What I thought would be a funny post/challenge turned out to be neither of those things.

3:05 PM:

3:08 PM:
Hahahahahha this was all worthwhile for the decapitated bartender scene. Well, not really. But I'm grasping at straws here.

3:20 PM:
I've had to apologize to my fiancee multiple times now. This movie is now affecting my personal life.

3:30 PM:
It's over.

What did I learn?

That this was a really bad idea.


  1. I want to see this movie now. Looks like your decision to watch this movie is affecting my personal life now!

  2. No... you really don't. No one should watch this movie.