Rooftops (1989) - Soundtrack

I have taken forever to put this up, and have even given it out other places before putting it on our own blog (for shame, I know!) but in the recent lull of reviews, now seems as good a time as any to share this amazing (for me) find...

The way out of print soundtrack to Rooftops! I found this for $1 at a record shop in Philadelphia last summer, brand new, and didn't have a way to get it to mp3 until this past January. I have been jamming to it since, no doubt. In that same trip I found the soundtrack, not score, to Scrooged and if there's interest even though holiday season is quite nearly an eternity away, I suppose I can get that up also.

Anyways, this album is produced by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and features a track he did with Etta James! It's the album opener and a pretty raucous jam. Enjoy at will.


  1. What I think that It is one of good film that I watched. The movie has a good potential. First time, I saw this film when I was of fifteen only and last night watched again..really enjoyful and interesting movie to watch..:-)