The Outing aka The Lamp (1986)

A semi-recent post over at the Lost Video Archive led me to this little gem which I enjoyed a bit more than expected. True, it has nothing to do with camping, as the title may suggest; I'm not even sure the kids in the poster are the ones in the movie, it's hard to say. Also true that the opening makes little sense with what follows. Yes, the movie's middle is slow and you're left feeling like you wish you hasn't watched it. But I simply cannot resist a ridiculous monster movie. I have no idea how this ailment has come to afflict me, nor do I hope for a cure any time soon. Please do not hold this against me. I do wish there was a hell of a lot more monster genie and a hell of a lot less boring though. Also there are boobs, so no complaining there.

There's a really funny snakes-biting-a-lady-in-a-bathtub-then-biting-a-man-in-the-weenis scene too, which in everyday life would probably not be so funny, but I was laughing kind of hilariously at. I hope this says more about the filmmaking and less about me as a person. The Outing was written and directed by one-timers Warren Chaney and Tom Daley respectively, which works out because I will likely only watch this the one time. When the genie (djinn) finally does show up, it's a horrible piece of wobbly foam I imagined someone waving over their head for all of it's scenes. Don't get me wrong, if you're hoping for a ridiculous, nonsensical '80s monster horror jaunt, which I usually am, then you won't be disappointed. But don't get mad at me if you are, I didn't make it.


Also thanks to LVA for linking to the youtube playlist for the whole movie!


  1. You bet, thanks for the shout out, glad you liked the flick. Check out Computer Beach Party if you get a chance, it's another made in Galveston feature of equal, uh, "quality".

  2. The Lamp/Outing scared me to death as a little kid. I just saw it in England and realized the filmmakers had made a scary film for the younger folk and one of the funniest of this type films I've ever seen for the more mature group. For some reason the version in England has a lot of scenes missing in the American Version. It has the setup and it is there you realize that what the filmmakers want you to watch is a tall tale that not only puts on us, but spoofs every magic lamp and Aladdin film ever made. And yes - it still scared me. The last 3rd of the picture is gripping.

  3. This was a great little film. I'm glad you found it. I was able to locate the original, THE LAMP which is not really the same movie. This version has almost 38 more minutes and is downright creepy. After watching this I realized that I was being put on. This really was a tall tale as other reviewers have noted. Quite a brilliant little screenplay actually - and well directed for the comedy. I don't know about Daley but I think Chaney has done quite a bit. He shows up on both the IMDb and TCMDb with a number of credits. Anne Clarke
    Frankly, I don't know why they cut another film from THE LAMP. The first one was creepy and funny.

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