Jake Speed (1986)

I missed Jake Speed when it first was released as a hopeful summer blockbuster, but it appears many people hold this film dear. Speed follows the Indiana Jones/Romancing the Stone adventurer vibe with the twist that Jake Speed is a fictional character based on a real life schlub.

The real life Speed is tapped by a woman to help her missing sister and through some twists, unbelievable turns and crude jokes, he finds her and takes down the baddies. That's it really. I may not have been watching hard enough; I did find it difficult to keep my attention on this and would start doing laundry or other cleaning. That's how bad it was! It drove me to domestic cleanliness!

Maybe it wouldn't be so terrible for me now if I had the exposure at 10 years old. The only good things I found were John Hurt, Karen Kopins was pretty cute, and a handful of cheesy one liners, which I always enjoy. It was like writer/star Wayne Crawford wanted to show the world that he was cooler than Harrison Ford, but he didn't know his fly was down the entire time. Who the hell is Wayne Crawford anyways?! I still don't know.

For those that have fond memories of ole Speedy, you'll likely enjoy this treat, the sweet Mark Snow keyboard drenched score! I did enjoy that quite a bit.

You can rent it on Netflix if you want, or if you're a maniac, you can buy it on Amazon.


  1. I've been looking for this soundtrack forever, bless you for posting it!!!

  2. no problem! thanks truly goes to the original person who originally ripped it.

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