American Grindhouse (2010)

It goes without saying that we here at Camp Movie Camp love us some Grindhouse shit, but we have yet to be presented with an official documentary on the subject. Elijah Drenner's new documentary American Grindhouse, premiering at this year's SXSW fest, attempts to do just that. Take a look at the awesome trailer below and try to keep yourself from drooling.

BONUS: If you want to go even deeper (down under) in the bottomless pit of schlock cinema, feast your eyes on this rad trailer for the 2008 Aussie exploitation documentary Not Quite Hollywood, which showcases "Ozpoloitation cinema", ie obscure, offensive and out-right ridiculous gems from Australia's past. It's available now on Netflix streaming. Watch it or you are undoubtedly a pooftah.


  1. I second the NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD recommendation. Great movie. After watching it I probably added 30 movies to my Netflix queue. I'd love to see the new Grundhouse doc, but sadly just because I live in Austin it doesn't mean I can attend SXSW. I've yet to ever meet a person who's gone. I think it's only for wealthy outsiders, not locals. :-(

  2. second the not quite hollywood vote, i added tons of stuff to my queue also, and what wasn't available i found on cinemageddon. i also actually just found a vhs of Razorback at thrift store near here, score!

  3. Yea, my RAZORBACK review is from a clamshell VHS I found at a local videostore. It looked old as fuck. I even took scans of it for the review.