William Robert Thornton

I remember when Bo Jackson was hot shit as a double sport athlete back in the day. He definitely earned the hype because, well, he was good at what he did. I'm not sure why the double up doesn't work as well in the acting/singing field, though there have definitely been successes throughout the years. The pile of suck is great though, as I definitely find some charm in failed celebrity albums. Bruce Willis, Joe Pesci, John Travolta, even Steven Seagal have all released albums but what baffles me most is Billy Bob Thornton is still releasing albums! I've read a ton of positive reviews but I just don't hear it honestly.

So why, if I am not fond of his music, would I want to post this sampler from his very first release? Well in addition to four horrendous, if not entertaining music tracks are four interview tracks on his inspiration and love for music, all the usual crap musicians say. What's best is that this release was during his Angelina Days, so there's a lot of funny anecdotes and lyrics here in retrospect. I am being hard on the guy for sure, but he's sold a ton of albums since this release and was even listed in the top 20 Americana albums of 2009 from the AMA. I will let you guys judge though.

And his website...a feast for the eyes to be sure...

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  1. He looks kinda like Pumpkinhead in that picture.