Ten More Movies Turned Failed TV Shows

Ok. After our previous dig into the wretched depths of small screen adaptations, the general consensus is that not only are there way more pieces to examine, but there could possibly be way worse pieces as well. We won't argue either point, as we said before, there are a ton of shitty short-lived television shows based movies, at least compared to the successes. So, again we present ten more examples of boob tube boobery. Shows of note: Bill and Ted (I wish this one would've made it...), Gung Ho with Scott Bakula as Michael Keaton (also with Clint Howard and Gede Watanabe), Working Girl with Sandra Bullock (do you think she remembers making this show? No one else does), and Freddy's Nightmares, and like the Friday the 13th show, it has little to do with the movies really. It's more of an anthology show. And perhaps the most baffling, The Net. Seriously?

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures

Weird Science

Freddy's Nightmares


Mortal Kombat: Conquest

F/X: The Series

Tales From the Neverending Story

Working Girl

The Net

Gung Ho

What're your favorite failed movie TV shows?


  1. Seen some episodes of "Weird Science". It was kinda funny and Vanessa Angel is beautiful.

  2. Sweet, you used some of the ones i posted before. Mortal Kombat Conquest was such a piece of drek, but i remember being 10 or 11 and being all about it, it was either on 17(right before the WB branding) or 57(before it was UPN) and then i think GTW48 had it very very briefly.

    You should do a list on the movies that were turned into shitacular Saturday Morning cartoons, like Dumb and Dumber, Ace Venture(which was turned into a pretty decent adventure game), Karate Kid, Jumanji, The Mask, Toxic Crusaders etc.
    Men In Black the series was totally awesome though, i could watch that back to back with Extreme Ghostbusters to this very day.

  3. this was a serious question when creating these posts...to include or not to include cartoons...i completely forgot about the karate kid cartoon! but i did stumble upon great ones while looking these shows up, like bill and ted, back to the future, RAMBO!!, robocop, police academy...so many, i think even more than regular series.

    I actually loved the men in black show too, though i was probably too old to watch it at the time, ha. Also, remember the Beetlejuice show??!?!11