Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)

I'm not sure why no one told me about Andy Sidaris before, but holy hell, his movies are insane! Not Malice in Wonderland insane, but like everything you've ever wanted in a movie plus snakes insane! Specifically, I'm talking about Hard Ticket to Hawaii.

This is a dude's movie all around, filled with gratuitous everything, from explosions to boobs to one liners to sports to shallow villains and well shit EVERYTHING AWESOME. I could probably go on about how thin and ridiculous the plot is, but it'd be like like telling Clint Howard he has a big forehead, he already knows! This movie in no way attempts to be anything other than what I described and that's the way writer/director Sidaris likes it. It's admittedly trashy, terrible and tasteless, but I promise you, it's a hell of a lot better than a Brendan Fraser movie. Quickie plot synopsis (this is going to be hard), but ok, some agents of some kind are in Hawaii and find some diamonds that drug dealers lost in a little helicopter. After a failed attempt to recover the diamonds, an agent and her friend call in some other friends and go give the drug dealers hell. Oh and there's a snake that has rat cancer.

Here's a couple clips from the movie, there are more if you search on youtube, this movie's a gold mine.

It doesn't surprise me that these movies get made, but what does surprise me is that Hard Ticket to Hawaii had two original songs for it! WHHAAATTT?! Sorry I am hyper, I just finished watching it and am pumped is all. Here is one of those amazing tunes.


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