Greg Grunberg in Witchcraft V: Dance With the Devil

When my wife agreed to watch Witchcraft V on VHS with me the other night, I thought I was the luckiest dude ever. I was completely wrong. Witchcraft V totally sucked! I wasn't expecting much honestly, but I especially wasn't expecting this short scene with Greg Grunberg from Heroes:

Now even more surprising than seeing loveable Greg here, is that FIVE of these Witchcraft movies were made. So I looked them up and to my horror there have actually been THIRTEEN Witchcraft turds released on the world! Lord have mercy on us all.

Full trailer for part 5 here...

I guess part 5 never made it to DVD, but you can get Witchcraft 666: The Devil's Mistressfrom amazon.


  1. I see those stinkers sitting on the shelf at the video store all the time, but I've never been able to summon up enough courage, or is it stupity, to rent one yet. They look horrible. What happened in this one?

  2. HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE THIS AWESOME MOVIE! YOU SU- Wait, what? Witchcraft V? As in 5? Part 5? Oh nevermind. I thought you were talking about Witchcraft VI.

  3. a warlock works as a magician in a nightclub and gets this blonde bombshell lady to seduce this other warlock to collect souls for him to conjure satan! at least i think that's what happened, it was hard to hear over the roar of all the boobies. it is totally ridiculous but the main warlock is pretty hilarious. maybe i will try and watch a witchcraft a month, sort of like a personal challenge.

  4. If you take these films seriously, you on't enjoy them. As an actual fan of the series however, I can say that parts V, VI & VII are actually quite good compared to other installments and other erotic horror flicks of the like. The redeeming qualities in part V are in the fantastic score done my Miriam Cutler and the use of soft colors in the cinematography. Of course, there's plenty of sex to keep us interested too. Check out VI & VII. Really.

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