Frosted Tie-In Flakes

I'm a sucker for old nostalgia bits like this. I know for one I would have begged my mom for pretty much any sort of frosted or mashmallowed movie goodness like these. They all look like some variation on Lucky Charms or Captain Crunch, which is a safe bet since both brands are deliciously amazing. I haven't paid that much attention these days to take notice if they are still awesome synergy flakes still being churned out to the same degree. I also remember there were Nintendo and other miscellaneous cartoon character cereals lining shelves also.

Signed by Bill Murray!

Flickr user Jason Liebig has a ton of awesome vintage cereal boxes, including movie themed flavors, but more amazingly, this never realeased New Kids on the Block cereal! Marketing is so odd.

You can also find a TON more on cerealbits.com, a site for cereal box collectors...who knew???


  1. Those C3P0's rocked total balls! They were great!

  2. i still get sick thinking about ghostbusters cereal. the batman one was pretty awful too